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1. What is DonorsResource.org?

DonorsResource.org™ is a program of the Center for Nonprofit Excellence, a 501 (c)(3) organization. DonorsResource.org connects nonprofit organizations that need in-kind donations with donors that want to give these items. We know that people have items and want to give these items to those in need. We make the connection, touch our entire community and provide opportunities to give and to serve.

Our Goal is to be the nation's conduit for in-kind donations.

2. When was DonorsResource.org founded?

In 2005, Della Rae and her sister, Deborah Waggoner, established Sisters of the Community, the parent nonprofit of DonorsResource.org, to provide low-income families with basic household goods. After distributing 20,000 items within 18 months, SOC realized the need for an online solution. After operating in Portland, OR for over five years, DonorsResource.org was gifted to the Center for Nonprofit Excellence located in Louisville, KY on January 1, 2014.

3. How does DonorsResource.org make money or sustain itself?

DonorsResource.orgTM is sustained through grants, corporate sponsorships and cash donations from individuals.

4. Can anyone become a member of DonorsResource.org?

Membership in DonorsResource.orgTM is available to organizations in the Greater Louisville area that meet the requirements of the IRS for tax exempt status under section 501 (c)(3) of the tax code. Membership is not open to individuals or for profit organizations, however we welcome their donation of in-kind goods.

5. Does DonorsResource.org accept monetary donations?

DonorsResource.org is a program of the Center for Nonprofit Excellence, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. We are able to stay on line due to the generosity of grants, foundations and individuals like you.

By supporting DonorsResource.org, you benefit in two ways. Directly, donating to our cause offers you a tax write off and sponsorship opportunities. Indirectly, and more importantly, you support an entire range of nonprofit organizations whose causes range from animals to vocational training.

6. What are in-kind donations?

In-kind donations are goods or services that are donated to nonprofit organizations. DonorsResource.orgTM only focuses on the goods that are donated to nonprofit organizations. Examples of these goods range from new or gently used items - like appliances, electronics and furniture to automobiles and boats. Nonprofit organizations utilize these items in their day to day missions or operations.