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Some ideas are winners because of their simplicity – DonorsResource.org is one of those ideas. The Center for Nonprofit Excellence is proud that DonorsResource.org is a program of CNPE and we couldn’t be happier that you want to register to use this tool that makes it easier for you to locate specific items your organization needs – and for donors to learn more about what you do!

Membership Options


Become a member of CNPE and your membership will include the use of DonorsResource.org at no additional cost to your organization. For more information about CNPE’s services or to become a CNPE member, click here.


Already a member of CNPE? No problem. We can get you set up with DonorsResource.org too. Click here to apply for a listing on DonorsResource.org.


You can become a member of DonorsResource.org only.

Leaving DonorsResource.org...

You will be redirected to the CNPE website to complete your membership application.

Annual Fee Schedule

NPO Annual Budget DonorsResource.org ONLY Annual Membership Fee CNPE Annual Membership Fee (includes DonorsResource.org)
Less than $50,000$25$50
$50,001 - $99,999$50$75
Over $5,000,000$200$450