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About Us

Meet a Need. Donate Stuff.

DonorsResource.org connects individuals and businesses who want to donate items with nonprofit organizations that need them. Our message is simple: Meet a Need. Donate Stuff.

DonorsResource.org is a simple, proven model of giving that is ideal for both individuals and corporations who want to donate. Nonprofits benefit greatly from DonorsResource.org by using the website to claim needed items, conserving their time and resources. They, in turn, can become donors when passing along items they can’t use.

DonorsResource.org features an easy to use, powerful search engine that allows users to find a nonprofit by cause, category or zip code. Users enter in the items they have to donate, enter their contact information and are soon contacted by a certified nonprofit to arrange an appointment for collection.

DonorsResource.org focuses on the connection of actual items. By sharing, we can reduce the amount of needed items being stacked and forgotten in basements, garages and our landfills.

DonorsResource.org was founded by sisters Deborah Waggoner and Della Rae, and is now a program of the Center for Nonprofit Excellence.